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Pin-Index Medical Cylinder Valve

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Pin-index medical cylinder valve from GCE is crafted from high-quality brass in clean room conditions with an ergonomic design for optimal performance, longevity, and ease of use.

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Pin-Index Medical Cylinder ValveIntroduction

GCE brings you a versatile and reliable pin-index medical cylinder valve. Compatible with all medical gases and available in all common inlet connections, it can be used for a variety of healthcare gas control applications. It supports a maximum inlet pressure of up to 200 Bar (3000 psi).

This GCE pin-index medical valve boasts a forged brass body to prevent corrosion and ensure prolonged durability. Its ergonomic brass handwheel enables effortless low-torque operation.

Based on the requirements, you choose pin-index cylinder valve variants with RPD and burst disc for added convenience.

Residual Pressure Device (RPD)

The Residual Pressure Device retains a positive pressure of at least 1.5 Bar to prevent contamination when the gas cylinder is empty. It also enables the cylinder to be refilled directly without the need for vacuum cleaning, saving you time and money.

Burst Disc

The burst disc is designed to rupture at a predetermined pressure to prevent over-pressurization and potential hazards. It acts as a fail-safe to protect both the equipment and the user.

Pin-Index Medical Cylinder ValveFeatures

Universal Compatibility

This medical oxygen valve is available in all common intel connections.

Versatile Gas Use

Suitable for all medical gases, including O2, Air, N2, CO2, N2O, and others.

Safety Options

Variants available with RPD and burst disc for enhanced safety.

Comfortable Operation

Ergonomic brass handwheel enables low-torque operation.

Durable Design

Forged brass body for corrosion-free longevity.

Clean Room Assembly

Clean room assembly ensures the highest standards of hygiene and purity.

Laser Marking

Durable laser marking remains legible over time without wearing or fading.

Pin-Index Medical Cylinder ValveGeneral properties

General properties

Gas type(s) O2, Air, N2, Ar, CO2, N2O, He
Inlet nominal pressure (BAR)Up to 200 (3000 psi)
RPD ClosingUp to 2 bar
Inlet ConnectionTapered or parallel threads, 17E, 25E, M18x1.5, 3/4“-16 UNF-2A, 1/2“ NGT or per customer specification
Outlet ConnectionAccording to CGA V-1/ISO 407
MaterialsNickel plated brass
Burst Disc190, 216, 250, 300 bar, for CO2 and N2O, other gases optional
Operating Temperature-20°C to + 65°C (-68°F to + 149°F)
Storage and Transport Temperature-40°C to + 65°C (-104°F to + 149°F)
Regulatory StatusComplies with MDD 93/42/EEC, TPED 2010/35 EU, EN ISO 10297, EN ISO 15996 Production according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485
ManufacturerGCE, s.r.o., Žižkova 381, 583 01 Chotebor, Czech Republic
Valve typePIN Index


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Quality Standards

We comply with all relevant regulations


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