GCE MediUnit AFNOR terminal unit for air

MediUnit AFNOR Medical Gas Outlet

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Quick and easy connection of hospital ward gas equipment to the hospital gas source with the GCE MediUnit AFNOR medical gas outlet.


MediUnit AFNOR Medical Gas OutletIntroduction

TheGCE MediUnit AFNOR medical gas outlet provides a quick and easy connection of hospital ward gas equipment to the hospital gas source. The type of medical gas outlets is decided by national standards in each country and sometimes from local requests in each hospital. GCE complies with ISO 7396 and national installation standards with secure products where every product is fully tested in production. Our medical gas outlets are in accordance with the ISO EN 9170-1 international standard.

MediUnit AFNOR Medical Gas OutletFeatures

Durable Construction

All functional components of the terminal unit are made from brass, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Fast Connection and Disconnection

The medical gas outlet Facilitates quick and easy connection and disconnection of medical devices.

Simple Installation

Designed for easy installation, ensuring a quick and secure setup.

Air–800 with a Parking Position

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Boasts a compact design with an easy-to-clean surface and comes with a maintenance valve with a filter for easy cleaning.

Design Compliance

The medical gas terminal unit is compliant with color coding and description by the standard.

Versatile Installation Options

Available in recessed, exposed, and bedhead installation versions (customized solutions on request).

MediUnit AFNOR Medical Gas OutletGeneral properties

General properties

Gas type(s)O2, N2, N2O, CO2, Air, Air-800, VAC
DimensionsHeight: 73 mm, Width: 73 mm, Depth: 63 mm
Working pressure4–5 bar (breathing gases), 7–10 bar (instrumental gases), (-0,4)–(-0,9) bar (vacuum)
Maximum test pressure20 bar
Regulatory statusComplies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, Compiles with EN ISO 7396-1 (Central Gas Supply Systems), Complies with EN ISO 9170-1 (Terminal units), Complies with NF S 90-116 (Afnor gas specific connections), Complies with FD S 90-119 (Afnor Air-800 gas specific connection), present HTM 02-01


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Quality Standards

We comply with all relevant regulations


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