MediEject II suction ejector

MediEject II Suction Ejector

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Working on the principle of Venturi, the GCE MediEject II suction ejector generates a vacuum continuously for various medical suction applications.

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MediEject II Suction EjectorIntroduction

The GCE MediEject II suction ejector is precisely engineered to deliver a reliable and continuous vacuum performance. This vacuum ejector works on the principle of the Venturi effect. It uses compressed air or oxygen as a propellant to ensure consistent suction for a variety of medical applications. A single top knob doubles as an easy ON/OFF switch and a vacuum control. The MediEject II suction ejector is connected to a system with a collecting container or multiple containers and a filter connected by suction hoses.

MediEject II Suction EjectorFeatures

10-Year Lifetime

The MediEject II vacuum ejector boasts a robust 10-year maintenance-free lifetime.

Easy Control

Single knob control for both ON/OFF and vacuum adjustment, enabling easy operation.

Ergonomic Design

Boasts an ergonomic shape for easy handling.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The easy-to-clean design makes maintenance a breeze.

Excellent Vacuum Performance

Delivers powerful suction capabilities, making it suitable for a variety of medical applications.

Low Gas Consumption

Consumes minimal gas to reduce operational costs.

Low Noise Level

Quiet operation creates a comfortable environment for both patients and medical professionals.

Connectivity Options

Versions are available with hoses and probes.

MediEject II Suction EjectorGeneral properties

General properties

Gas type(s)O2, AIR
InletAll regional standards in probe or hose version
Inlet Pressure4-5 bar (400 - 500 kPa)
Max Gas Consumption at Inlet 4 Bar (LPM)25
Free Flow Suction at Inlet Pressure 4 Bar (LPM)2
Noice Level Close/Open Suction35/45 dB
Suction Effect-80/-600/-0.8
DimensionsTotal Width: 70mm, Depth (only body without plate/clamp/probe): 52mm, Max Height: 150mm
Weight550g / 19.4oz

Quality Standards

We comply with all relevant regulations


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