Medical Gas Probes

Medical Gas Probes

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The GCE medical gas probes with gas type identifier and optional swivel and non-return valve ensure secure connectivity between the supply source and medical devices.


Medical Gas ProbesIntroduction

Ensure safe and efficient connectivity of your medical equipment with GCE gas probes. They are specifically designed to provide a secure connection for delivering medical gases to patients or powering gas-driven medical devices. These medical gas connectors are essential components in various medical systems, including pressure regulators, hose assemblies, flowmeters, lung ventilators, and anesthesia workstations.

The GCE medical gas probes form a critical link between the supply source and the medical device. It is crucial to have gas- and pressure-specific connections to ensure safe delivery of the intended medical gas to the patient. Our gas probe range is available in 6 different versions and comes with numerous country-specific standards to precisely meet your requirements.

Medical Gas ProbesFeatures

Versatile Options

Available in numerous country-specific standards, with six different versions to cover all possible requirements.

Comfortable Handling

The GCE medical gas connectors boast a tallied shape to provide a comfortable grip for the users.

Gas Type Identifier

Each probe includes a highly visible gas type identifier, ensuring quick and accurate recognition.

Swiveling Hose Bard

The swiveling hose bard prevents the hose from twisting and interrupting the flow of gas.

Optional Features

Swiveling probes provide unmatched flexibility and stop the twisting of the hose for easy handling. Gas probes with non-return valves prevent gas shocks when uncoupling, ensuring safe operation.

Shut-Off Valve

Plug with a venting shut-off valve is available.

Medical Gas ProbesGeneral properties

General properties

Inlet pressure3 - 5 bar
Max. working pressure6 bar for breathing / 12 bar for tools drive / -0,9 for vac
Operating temp.-25°C / 50°C
Storage temp.-40°C / 70°C
MRI compatibilityNO
MaterialAlu alloy + brass/SS
Material of exterior plastic partsPA 66
Material of sealing rings EPDM
Max. tensile force hose barb 1000 N
Standards and legislationN ISO 9170-1 2020 + national standards
TypeStraight, Angled
Inlet connector standardBS, CZ, DIN, SS, NF R, NF L, NS, DS, CB, MD, PD, UN, AS
Outlet ConnectionBS, CZ, DIN, SS, NF R, NF L, NS, DS, CB, MD, PD, UN, AS
Features & Angle of inlet probeStraight, Angled, Angled/swiveling, Angled/NRV, Angled/swiveling/NRV
Features & Angle of outlet probeStraight, Angled, Angled/swiveling, Angled/NRV, Angled/swiveling/NRV

Quality Standards

We comply with all relevant regulations


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