EASE II Demand Valve

EASE II Demand Valve

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The GCE EASE II demand valve delivers oxygen up to 300 Liters per Minute, making it ideal for emergency analgesic supply systems.

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EASE II Demand ValveIntroduction

The GCE EASE II demand valve is a robust and compact device designed to be used by patients to self-administer medical gas therapy with minimal breathing resistance. Delivering oxygen up to 300 Liters per Minute is perfect even for medical situations where high flow rates are required. This oxygen demand valve is recommended for diving accidents and cluster headaches, and the gas mixture of N2O/O2 is recommended during pain relief therapy.

The EASE II demand valve features a test/purge facility, an easy-grip handle, and a wrist strap for convenience. It includes a replaceable patient/bacterial filter and is easy to clean and reassemble, adhering to cross-infection protocols. This GCE demand valve conforms to global standards, making it a reliable choice for critical care scenarios.

EASE II Demand ValveFeatures

High-Flow Capacity

Capable of delivering up to 300 Liters per Minute of gas flow.

Portable and Versatile

Portable first-stage regulator and cylinder version for immediate care and pre-hospital applications.

Global Standards Compliance

Meets stringent global standards for quality and safety.

Patient Comfort

Low inspiratory effort for improved patient comfort.

Test/Purge Features

Includes a convenient test/purge facility on the demand valve.

Portable Design

Designed with an easy-grip handle and wrist strap for enhanced portability.

Replaceable Filter

Utilizes a replaceable patient/bacterial filter for added hygiene.

Low Maintenance

Simple to clean and reassemble, adhering to cross-infection protocols.

Secure Connections

The hose fitted with probes meets national standards for secure cylinder connection.

EASE II Demand ValveGeneral properties

General properties

Gas type(s)N2O/O2
MaterialPolycarbonate, silicone rubber, stainless steel
Dimensions50 × 50 × 63 mm
Weight850g / 30oz
Gas supplyRequirement 2.8 to 7.0 bar at up to 200l/min, Inspiratory resistance -0.15 to -0.2 kPa at 0l/min
(At 2.8 bar supply press.)-0.2 kPa at 10l/min, -0.7 kPa at 200l/min
Expiratory resistance+0.35 kPa at 120 l/min
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C (-68°F to +140°F) used Oxygen, +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F) used 50/50 N2O/O2
Storage temperature-30°C to +60°C (-86°F to +140°F)

EASE II Demand ValveAccessories

1032936Disposable mouthpiece
1035575Breathing filter
8848004Reusable universal size mask
1024417Blue barrel carry bag
5487294Mask adult size single use
1032994Mask adult size single use - vanilla
850500Expiration diverter single use for Ease II
1570000SPScavenging hose

Quality Standards

We comply with all relevant regulations


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